Mocaf Flour Brands In Indonesia

Mocaf is an abbreviation of Modified Cassava Flour or modified cassava flour, because in the manufacturing process it is modified by microbial or enzymatic fermentation. This flour has a soft texture, the color has recovered and the aroma no longer has the characteristic smell of cassava.

Here are the 10 best brands of mocaf flour:

  1. Rumah Mocaf
  2. Lingkar Organik
  3. Ladang Lima
  4. Mocaf Bandung
  5. Nafisa
  6. Tani Kapyar
  7. Gudang Rempah
  8. Keola
  9. Prodes
  10. DK Warung Sehat

People with gluten allergies tend not to be able to consume foods that use wheat flour ingredients made from wheat because of the high gluten content in wheat flour.

Rumah Mocaf Indonesia

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