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PT Rumah Mocaf Indonesia is a social enterprise engaged in agribusiness with a focus on developing mocaf products and derivative products such as cookies, miecassa, premix flour, etc.

Rumah Mocaf was born as an effort to promote local agricultural products, cassava, and empower the cassava farmers who grow it.


Rumah Mocaf is committed to build an environmentally
sustainable and responsible business. 

Develop New Derivative Product

Develop new derivative products such as instant noodle, pie and cookies

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Jl. Mayjend Panjaitan, Kutabanjarnegara, Kec. Banjarnegara, Banjarnegara, Jawa Tengah 53418

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Develop new cluster in every provinces in Indonesia to become production house and distribution centre

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About Us

Rumah Mocaf Indonesia, PT is a producer and exporter of gluten free all purpose flour from cassava which can be used as the main ingredient for baking and cooking.

Rumah Mocaf was firstly initiated as an empowerment program for cassava farmers in Banjarnegara, Indonesia in 2014.  The project developed into a sociopreneur-based industry since 2017 and we have collaborated with more than 452 farmers divided into 11 fostered Cassava Farmer Groups.

Rumah Mocaf is committed to build an environmentally
sustainable and responsible business. In the effort to reach the goal we collaborate with our Cassava Farmers Group to implement environmentally responsible andintegrated farming


“Ekonomi kerakyatan adalah tonggak keberhasilan ekonomi nasional. Keberhasilan ekonomi kerakyatan dengan pengabdian kepada masyarakat adalah jalan terbaik menuju kesejahteraan Nasional”


Founder, CEO of Rumah Mocaf Indonesia

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Winner ABBI 2020

1st Anugerah Bangga Buatan Indonesia 2020 Nominate : Kuliner


Winner HSC 2020

1st Hyundai Startup Challenge 2020

Runner Up IFI 2020

2nd Indonesia Food Innovation 2020.

Why Mocafine ?

Rumah Mocaf produces gluten free all purpose flour made of fresh cassava tube harvested from naturally grown cassava plantation under the brand of Mocafine. At present, the production capacity is 30 ton per month. In addition of being gluten free, our cassava flour is grain-free and nut-free.

 It works in many wheat based recipes with subs 1:1 or less because it shares many similar characteristics to wheat flour. It is suitable for making cake, cookies, pancakes, fries, porridge, or thickening dishes. Mocafine is a right choice for healthy diet because it is:


  1. Always prioritizing quality in every product produced
  2. Has Certification: HALAL MUI, PIRT, ISO 9001, BPOM, HACCP, and 100% gluten free.
  3. 100% gluten free: safe for consumption by people with autism, celiac disease (gluten intolerance disease).
  4. Low levels of the glycemic index (safe for people with mild and severe diabetes).
  5. Rich in fiber, calcium and phosphorus : easy to digest so it is suitable for those who are on a diet and adopt a healthy diet.
  6. 100% Organic: made from quality fresh cassava.
  7. Contains phytoestrogens: easy to digest, making it suitable for those who are dieting and adopting a healthy diet.

Local food security: supporting food sovereignty and helping the welfare of local farmers.



Some documentation of the process of making Mocaf flour from upstream to downstream

What People Say About Us

Andy F NoYA

“Riza dan Tami Anak-anak muda yang peduli petani singkong dengan hasil dengan kualitas yang tinggi. Yang lebih menarik adalah pemberdaayaan ekonomi di banjarnegara, tidak menutup kemungkinan berkembang daerah-daerah lainya. Sukses terus untuk mocaf semoga memberikan konstribusi yang positif bagi masyarakat di indonesia.”

Tepung Mocaf ini adalah makanan sehat karena ketelanya produksi lokal dan tidak akan membuat devisa kita terbang ke negara lain. Tolong! Jangan lupa kita beralih ke mocaf yang jauh lebih sehat dan menyelamatkan Indonesia.
Tri Mumpuni
"Mocafine cassava flour is the same as wheat flour, it's just that you need several techniques to make the results similar to wheat-based products. I like to use it because it's healthy without gluten"
Chef Miswan
Chef Hotel Aston
“Always like food with local wisdom. Its characteristics are able to substitute wheat flour. it is suitable for those who have gluten intolerant”
Artis Pecinta Makanan Sehat

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Riza Azra


Wakhyu Budi Utami


Akhmad Arwyn

chief business development officer (CBDO)

Maitsa P Shafa


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