Rice flour is refined flour derived from ground or milled rice. Rice flour is not the same as rice starch which is made from soaking rice in an alkaline solution. This rice flour can be an alternative to wheat flour because this rice flour does not contain gluten. Therefore, rice flour also suitable for people with gluten intolerance. 

The nutrients contained in rice flour are better than wheat flour. The most important thing is that it does not contain gluten. Therefore, rice flour is widely used as one of the ingredients for processed foods such as rice porridge for babies, cakes, and so on. 

The types and uses are different in each country. In Japan, rice flour is divided into 2, namely rice flour that has a sticky texture, and there is also rice flour that is not sticky. Non-sticky rice flour is used to make cakes, while sticky rice flour is used to make mochi.

There are differences between rice flour and tapioca flour. 

Raw Materials Used

In the manufacture of rice flour the material used is rice itself. The method is quite easy to make rice flour, namely by pounding or grinding the rice itself until the results are really smooth. Then making tapioca flour using cassava starch.

Texture And Color

Both of these flours have the same color, which is white, the difference is that rice flour is not slippery in the hand and easy to hold while tapioca flour is slippery and difficult to hold by hand.


The benefit of this rice flour is that it can facilitate digestion because it contains a lot of fiber. In addition to digestion this rice flour can protect the skin from UV rays so it is very suitable for those of you who often go out during the day, not only skin for hair health can also be reduce hair oil and can also make the hair shiny.

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