Can’t eat because you have a gluten problem? Don’t  worry! Cassava flour can be your alternative as a substitute for wheat flour. This flour is made from cassava that is grated until smooth and then dried. Cassava flour products are very rarely marketed. We usually find the most flour and other flours that are not made from cassava. This is the following information that must be known and the benefits of cassava flour.

What is Cassava Flour?

Cassava flour is flour made directly from cassava which is dried and made into flour, but not made for cassava (gaplek) so the color is still whitish.

The cassava plant is very sensitive to stressful environments and can be grown in almost all parts of the world where fresh food is usually scarce. Therefore it is considered as a sustainable security crop and important to prevent hunger. In addition to the cassava root, cassava leaves and stems can also be used to make food for humans and animals.

Health Benefits for the Body

Cassava flour has a lot of substances that are beneficial for the body. Cassava flour is known to have a high fiber content. The function of fiber in tapioca flour is very useful for maintaining the body’s digestive health. Thus it can be concluded that the benefits of cassava flour are able to prevent constipation, intestinal pain, flatulence, and colon cancer.

In addition to the benefits of cassava flour above, it turns out that consuming cassava flour in the right amount is effective in preventing the rising of blood pressure. In fact, high blood pressure can cause various health risks that are very dangerous for the body. With the potassium content in cassava flour, the blood pressure can be maintained normally. This can have a direct impact on the health of vital organs such as the heart.

Stomach acid is certainly one of the health problems that often attacks many people. Some of the causes of acid reflux include irregular eating patterns, stress or a lot of thoughts, excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

Therefore, to overcome the health problem of stomach acid, one of the benefits of cassava flour can be a solution. Given, cassava flour itself is made from natural cassava as  basic ingredients. Cassava itself has powerful properties to glue other materials as well as the function of glue in everyday life. That is why, with the right consumption of tapioca flour, it will be very helpful to naturally thicken the stomach lining. Finally the problem of stomach acid can be immediately overcome.

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